Protect Title 9

The Biden Administration’s Proposed Title IX Rule Threatens Free Speech Rights

The Biden Education Department is rewriting federal regulations to punish people merely for exercising their right to free speech on campus.

The proposed rules are designed to intimidate and cause fear in students who won’t know what they can and can’t say without facing a possible Title IX investigation and punishment. Using the “wrong” pronoun to refer to another student could land a student or teacher in the crosshairs of a Title IX investigation. Expressing a mere thought or opinion in class that another student finds subjectively offensive could land the student or teacher before a Title IX tribunal. If you agree with DFI that Title IX shouldn’t be used to intimidate, punish free expression, and force a woke agenda on America’s students, please fill out the form and make your voice heard.

If you agree, please fill out the form and make your voice heard. Your comments will be sent directly to the Biden Education Department.